What Our Past and Current Students/Parents Are Saying!

Fabulous tutor and teacher, all incredible, patient, and knowledgeable.
Mr. Baston adapts his teaching style to the individual student's needs and never falls short of giving them a challenge to build their confidence in Math and ELA. His caring and relaxed style of teaching has been just right.  My kids are much more confident in ELA and Math. 
My kids have been going to The Seon Batson Academy for approximately 2 years now. There have been steady improvement in my kids ELA and Math grades.  My kids have made the honor roll for the past 2 years. The Seon Batson Academy certainly provides students with the additional support needed to assist academic success. Mr. Batson is amazing, he has patience and is very friendly.  Mr. Baston boosted my kid’s confidence improving their ability of facing Math and ELA.
I wished I've done it sooner. His entire family makes you feel welcome. I saw the difference in my kid’s homework and test scores. Best tutoring place in New York City! He offers a tutoring plan that is tailored to your needs as a student. Highly recommend it. I really appreciate The Seon Batson Academy. 

P. Daniels (Parent)

Brooklyn, New York

My son has improved tremendously while studying under Mr. Seon. He promotes great study techniques, tidiness and a healthy working environment. We need more tutors like him. Thank you!

L. Anthony (Parent)

Brooklyn, New York

Thank you so much for helping my daughter out with the maths that she did not understand...and my self as well cause leaving school so long I did not remember half off the maths they do but with your help, it makes it much easier. Thank you!

S. Gaskin (Parent)

Brooklyn, New York

Seon is the most patient and gifted tutor we have come across. He helped my 8th grader with the common core curriculum and prepared him for the SHSAT, while instilling a real love for math. Seon's endurance and calm demeanor helped my child become a confident student and test-taker. Not only does Seon really cares about his students; he goes out of his way to accomodate ever changing schedules. He supported his students throughtout the stressful period preceeding the SHSAT. I am forever grateful to Seon for inspring my child.

M. Molser (Parent)

New York, New York

Seon was a tremendous help to our son with his math during Middle School. I cannot say enough positive things about him helping our son prep for the SHSAT. Seon is reliable and a no nonsense type of tutor. His focus is all about the child and I know other parents that we have spoken with feel the same way. Couldn't have asked for a better tutor during this time.

H. Goldstein (Parent)
New York, New York

Seon has been helpful in explaining math in useful and helpful terms. We've been through many tutors and Seon is the one that works for us. Thank you Seon!

S. Blackwood (Parent)

New York, New York

I hereby attest to the excellent Math and ELA instructions my daughter Shauntavia is recieving from Seon Batson Tutoring. My daughter has flourished under Seon's academic methods which are upbeat and knowledgeable. His easy-going style has helped her learn without fear of failure. If she doesn't understand how to slove a problem the first time around, he approaches it differently until she grasps the concepts. As a result of workin with Seon, her NYS Common Core and ACT test scores have improved significantly. I can honestly declare that this is primarily due to the additional help she has recieved from Seon. Collectively, Shauntavia and I would like to express our gratitude to Seon Batson Tutoring for the great academic service being offered which has enhanced her total learning experience.

Leslyn Wharton (Parent)

Brooklyn, New York

As an educator, it was difficult to find a tutor that incorporated quality, patience, professionalism, and dedication...all while producing outstanding results. Mr. Seon has exceeded my expectations. My daughter, who is an A student, began struggling with math during her freshman year. She was hesistant to recieve tutoring because other programs had not proven helpful. After just a few sessions with Mr. Seon, she was able to grasp new concepts and build her self confidence. We attribute her success on passing her Algebra regents to the assistance recieved by this outstanding service. I have recommended many families who share similar success stories. Much thanks, Mr. Seon.
Jillian Garcia (Parent)
Brooklyn, New York

My family is so grateful to have found Seon Batson to help my 10 year old daughter with her Math. She had struggled for years with basic concepts because the way they are taught in NYC Pulblic schools is non-traditional and confusing to both kids (and the parents trying to assist with homework). After just one session with Seon my daughter received a 98% grade on a class quiz! We were thrilled (and sold!). She has continued to improve on a weelkly basis and she relies on Seon to help her with each new concept taught in her class.
We thank you! Leila
Leila Benn, (Parent)
New York, New York

Mr. Seon Batson, God sent you into my home to tutor my children; never in my wildest dream did I ever expect you were going to be my tutor (lol)! I am truly grateful for your patience, guidance and encouragement.  I failed the Math CUNY exam midterm and final exam 2 years in a row in which I got discourage and took 2 years off school… Now I’m back and can finally say I pass my mid-term with 19/25 and waiting on the final result on Tuesday. But I could not wait to share my excitement with you!!  I don’t like to brag but I know I blew the finals out of the ball park… Could not have done that without your help I truly appreciate you and now my kids can have you back…well until the Fall semester… LOL
Thank you Seon you’re the best math tutor ever!

Natalie Taylor (College Student)
Brooklyn, New York

Seon thank you for tutoring Zach for the SHSAT Exam. You have reinforced the confidence in him that he can do this test. On his first attempt on the practice SHSAT he was completely lost, with your help I saw remarkable improvement.

Marilyn DeSouza (Parent)
Brooklyn, New York

Seon thank you so much for helping Shane with the SHSAT and SSAT Exams this fall. Shane SSAT scores increased by 48 points. Thank you for your patience and the time you took to get Shane to relax and have his sports discussions with you. Thank you and I am glad we were recommended to you.

Diana Jessamy (Parent)
Brooklyn, New York.

Seon is the best Math Teacher I've ever had. I always thought Math was the most difficult subject in the world but then I realized Math is the easiest subject. If everyone gets a teacher like Seon! He is so polite when he teaches me. Thank you so much Seon for helping me with Math with lots of patience.
Good Luck!

Fathima (GED student)
Bronx, New York.

Seon, I want to thank you so much for helping me with Math. After so many tryouts with other Math Tutors, you were the one with all your patience and gift of teaching, made me realize that Math is not so difficult. Best regards!

Eliete DeMoura (Parent/Student)
New York, New York.                                      

Seon is the best Math Teacher I've ever had. He explains things that you cannot understand and make them look so easy. Before I didn't know Maths at all but after taking his classes, I have improved a lot. So I recommend Seon to everyone. He is also a nice human being.

Deen Zubair (GED Student)
Bronx, New York.

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